Technoseal Industrial Gaskets and Seals

Custom gaskets and seals

Customized manufacturing of gaskets and technical items for industry. Cutting systems: Water Jet, pure or abrasive water, die cut, blade and burr.

Waterjet pure water

Pure water cutting system, with two cutting heads, to make gaskets or design items in various types of materials including rubbers, in their expanded and compact shape, materials for asbestos-free gaskets, and plastic materials with low thicknesses.

Waterjet abrasive water

Single-head water and abrasive cutting system to make gaskets and custom-designed articles in hard materials such as metals (AISI, copper, aluminum, brass), composite materials, plastic materials, and compact rubbers over 30mm thick.

Die cut

Die cutting system. Automatic die-cutting machine to make gaskets or design items in various materials with low thickness.

Blade cutting

Oscillating blade cutting system combined with cutter cutting to create reinforced and asbestos-free graphite gaskets, rubber, paper or flexible plastic materials (PVC FLEX). The cutter body allows the creation of plastic articles.

Cutter cutting

Numerically controlled work center with 8-position tool magazine for processing plastic sheet materials with formats up to 3mt and high thicknesses for the production of parts to customer specifications.


Getting results in line with budget and performance goals can be complicated if you don't pay attention to details.
Our in-depth knowledge of the industrial gasket market and our many years of experience in maintenance services allow us to carry out fast and successful research and development activities, allowing us to contain costs and achieve maximum quality and performance.


Technoseal production lines perform multiple processes of materials such as asbestos free, elastomers, industrial plastics and technopolymers, graphite and metals, creating a complete range of industrial gaskets and technical items.
Our cutting systems and qualified staff guarantee professional products and workmanship.

Experience and competence

Qualified personnel

Quality and precision

Technical advice

Materials technology

Industrial applications

Industrial gaskets and technical articles

Technoseal manufactures supplies of industrial gaskets, sealing rings, Ring Joints, O-Rings, braids, tubes and technical items - standard and non-standard - for the chemical, pharmaceutical, mechanical and food industries.

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